by M.A.I.M.

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Our second EP, forged in the freezing depths of the dolomites during a f****ng cold Easter week. It's an awesome feast of true Epic Casera Metal, featuring party anthems as well as truly epic moments and also our last work with Silvia who left the band shortly after the recordings...


released January 6, 2014

M.A.I.M. are:
Carlo - Guitars, Banjo
Simone - Bass and vocals
Dario - Lead vocals
Giovanni - Guitars
Nicola - Drums
Neno - Keyboards
Aurora - Flute & Harp

All songs written, arranged, and performed by M.A.I.M.
Violin parts performed by Silvia Valletta.
Epic narration by Mauro Rizzo.
Additional vocals by: Fabio Perucchini, Mario Montidisopra,
Recorded @ Crowns Studio, Voltago Agordino (BL) easter week 2013.
Engineered by Fabio Perucchini. Mixed by Luca Dal Lago.



all rights reserved


M.A.I.M. Belluno, Italy

Formed in early 2008, by a handful of young Italian metal maniacs, as a straight-in-your-face heavy metal band, M.A.I.M. soon shifted towards the realms of folk metal, blending a bright and powerful heavy sound with celtic melodies and huge amounts of booze. ... more

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Track Name: Casera Death Trip
Well here we go again
stuck down into this pit
Fed up with this stuff
Pissed off and mad all day

It's time to take a break
before freaking out
You need to scream and shout
you have to let it out
We've got what you need
a brutal remedy
We're planning a trip
Far from the city lights

CASERA! Casera death trip!
CASERA! Casera death trip!

That's not alternative
not nice or cool at all
it's just too loud and straigh
You've heard this before

Well, I don't give a dammn
I need to make some noise
This is my medicine
striaght from the days of old
throw away your mobile
and bring me some good wine
We 'll take you to a place
Far from the city lights

You need it
there you can take your time
You'll love it
there we will drink all night
stand around the fire
watch it burn till the morning
No-one stands before us
partying hard till the dawn
Sound of metal thunder
Comes so good and strong to me
we'll spend this night
Drinking til we'll pass out!
Drinking til we'll pass out!

So breathe some fresh air
prepare to party hard
denim and leather here
metal burns inside
get ready for a mosh
cause we won't tuni it down
It's just the way we are
Hate us or join our feast
Track Name: Quest for Perfection
Have you ever wondered where lies the finest beer
and have you ever thought that you could find it out
Have you ever wondered where the company is the best
and have you ever thought that you could find it out
So let's embark on a mighty quest
the drunkest adventure to be told
Come and join our epic ride
From the distant south to the freezing north

Push your hart over the edge
but leave home your driving licence
'cause we will travel endless miles
stopping at every goddamn pub

Every story worth telling starts
with a pint of beer in a nasty tavern
the very roads of this country have been drawn
by the staggering walk of the drunk (man)

So the quest has begun
Driven by thirst and wanderlust
We will travel through the land
searching for the perfect pub
Track Name: Polenta & Dragon
In un evo leggendario,
in una terra incantata,
un'antica leggenda
ideata dal conduttore
di un programma televisivo
narrava che nelle acque del lago
dimorasse un possente drago
Questa è la storia dei valorosi
che diedero la caccia alla bestia

We lived in this place
for ages in peace
until a man from a TV show
told us a dragon
dwelt in our lake
sudden a legend was born

Rumor spread wide
and anger arose
Hey, it fooled us all
since it never paid
the rent of the lake
time to get our money back

Get that bastard
bring back his head!
Split your lungs with thunder
Show no mercy at all!
Beat it badly
get our money back!
make it pay for all
Sure as hell it will!

The bravest were gathered
a quest was set
all, shouting their rage
ventured fishing on
raging waves
but the beast was no fool

On the seventh day
a plan was concieved
What a clever disguise!
a deadly trap which
no-one could survive
free drink for all

A great fest was set
with music and mead,
beer, whiskey and wine
hot girls where gathered
from all arond
made sure everyone knew
The vicious beast crawled
out of its den
dragging its ass to the fest
asked what for dinner
in return we shouted
polenta e dragon!
Track Name: Blood Stained Walls
Invaders are marching once again
bringing ruin to our land
see the bloodthirst in their eyes
their numbers are strong but we will fight

time has come to rise and fight
grab your sword and stand with pride
never let the stranger pass
and defend your fathers' land

Inside this stroghold we will stand
its walls are strong as our pride
Strong are our arms
and fire burns in our hearts
Like our fathers did before
we'll block their tides with our might
Darts will rain from the sky
And none of them will live to tell

We will run
to the walls
we will fight
on the walls
they will die
by the walls

Raise high
Your sword!
Hold firm
Your shield!
wear off
Your fears!

We will run
to the walls
we will fight
on the walls
they will die
by the walls

Echoes of distant battles
fill these walls
Restless spirits of those who died

Ancestors gave their lives
Now it's our turn
Today we'll pay freedom's price

Fight! Stand in line
No turning back
Blood will stain this walls

This is our stand
there won't be a second canche
fight as a free man
or run as a slave

Fight! Stand your ground
Push them back
see your brothers die

It's a boold bath
but in the end
their armies are undone

Bury the bodies
and set a feast
'Cause our land
is safe again
Rejoice and celebrate
but never forget
that blood will stain
these walls again